Learn to love your stretch marks, cellulite & scars whilst healing them | MEISKIN | The Stretch Mark & Scar Oil

Stretch marks, cellulite, scars.. all these skin 'problems' that so many of us face. There's just so many 'problems areas' to treat.. yet so much to love and appreciate about each and every so called 'flaw', we say!

Learning to love yourself and your own individual 'flaws' can be a tough gig in this day and age. Social media definitely won't help - after all, not only are you hounded with images of firm bodies and flawless skin, but chances are you too have felt the affects of self-comparison, negative self-talk, depression, and FOMO when scrolling through your feed.

But did you know that is absolutely possible to love your body, your individuality and your troubled skin whilst going ahead and using a product that'll aim to help heal those skin imperfections? Crazy to imagine, huh!

Here a few key daily reminders to 


Know that over 60% of the population have experienced stretch marks. And many of them are also men. You are far from alone. When skin is over-stretched, the normal production of collagen is hindered. Therefore, stretch marks (and other skin imbalances for that matter) can be caused from so many things including puberty, growth spurts, exercise, pregnancy, weight gain and general development. So chances are, those around you have them too. It's a completely natural effect of simply growing up. 


Notice how you truly feel when you scroll your feeds and what sensations you're feeling. When you find yourself feeling that negative-talk creep on when scrolling,  immediately unfollow the page in which has you feel this way! Ensure you're following pages that are true to you as a person and that don't bring you down. You should instantly know who you should be unfollowing when you start paying attention to yourself.


What brought on some of these skin imperfection in the first place? Pregnancy? Puberty? Starting an exercise regime? For many of us, we have simply grown up Or grown an actual human - but how amazing are each of our journeys. Cut yourself some slack and realise how far you've come and what you have achieved. Whether it's childbirth, weight gain, or some other life transformation - celebrate it.


When was the last time you focused 20 minutes on yourself? Purely on yourself. That doesn't include a mani in a busy nail salon or a workout with friends. We're talking taking time out of your day to just be with yourself as a whole and to take things slow to truly ground yourself. Whether it's spent reading a book or magazine, going for a walk, enjoying a solo coffee at a cafe or even kicking your feet up and dazing out the window with your own thoughts! Learn to take time to completely detach. And ensure your phone is switched to silent and you have no distractions for 20 minutes each day. Learn to be with yourself in that moment. See where your own mind takes you. We can guarantee you won't be thinking of your 'flaws'. 


We know all to well that the market is saturated with products claiming they'll rid your stretch marks and scars overnight. But take a closer look at ingredients lists, where the products are made and how natural the product truly is. So many products available for purchase today are completely filled with nasties which you'll then be eventually slathering into your bloodstream. So pay very close attention to those product labels. With this, we can say you won't find much better than a specialised formula (such as our own Stretch Mark & Scar Oil) that is rich in natural healing and moisturising oils and is genuinely 100% natural, vegan-friendly, plant-based, paraben-free, cruelty-free, synthetic-free and palm oil-free.