“Our oil was a miracle accident
Our award-winning oil was first formulated and blended by our very own aromatherapist mother back in the early 2000’s. She’d be in the kitchen all evening (between cooking dinner and helping us with homework) tirelessly trialling and testing literally hundreds of blends before finding THE ONE to treat her puberty-riddled daughters.
Once our mum realized just how quick and effective her blend worked to banish our purple and red stretch marks, she went on to trial the same oil blend on her own scars and veins. Sure enough, with amazingly quick results she quickly realized that she indeed had just created absolute liquid gold!
Word quickly spread about our mum’s miracle-in-a-bottle as my sister and I went on to hand out samples in the school yard. It wasn’t long before mothers, sisters, aunts and friends of our classmates were requesting for their own bottle with upfront cash offers!

With demand growing, the three of us started making the oil in batches afterschool from the kitchen bench in our childhood home with colorful hand-written bottle stickers with little knowledge of the success that was to come with the emergence of online shopping.
To this very day, our oil recipe remains exact (to every last drop) and we pride ourselves on it being 100% natural & non-synthetic  (unlike many leading/big-brand competitor oils)
Our oil also continues to be hand-blended here in Melbourne with all of our suppliers (from ingredients to packaging) strictly being 100% local, too.