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Meiskin Stretch Mark and Scar Removal Oil
Kelly Marshall (Brisbane, AU)
Love Meiskin

Absolutely love using this oil. I love the smell and have noticed an improvement in skin texture after only 1 bottle. I actually use this on my face at night as well, replacing all other creams and serums.

I love this product

It smells amazing, feels good on the skin and best of all it has actually helped with my acne scarring… lifelong customer now :) thank you!

Meiskin Stretch Mark and Scar Removal Oil
Kaylene Butler (Brisbane, AU)
Miracle oil

I bought this oil for my daughter with extreme stretch marks, within 4 weeks the fade and softness was present. We both feel this oil has impact to our skin, will be ordering more xxxx

Meiskin Stretch Mark and Scar Removal Oil
Tiarne Suckling (Sydney, AU)
Love the smell

Moisturises nicely and love the smell. Only been using a short while but excited to see how it works on my scars

Lovely product

I have been using it for 3 weeks, twice a day and can definitely say i am starting to see a difference.
I will definitely buy it again.

Stretch Mark and Scar Removal Oil

Although its early days this product is DEFINITELY making a difference. Applying twice a day!

Meiskin Stretch Mark and Scar Removal Oil
Navjot Kaur (Brisbane, AU)
Amazing product

I have been using it from last one week and i can see difference. My stretch marks are getting lighter


I have very old stretch marks and I've been using Meiskin for 4 weeks now. I can already see a difference and I'm only half way through the large sized bottle.

product worked well ! will definitely purchase again 😍

Meiskin Stretch Mark and Scar Removal Oil
Peter Mudge (Melbourne, AU)
Meiskin scar removal oil..

Beautiful product aromatherapy scented! Light & easy to rub into scar area,
Thanks so much! Rach

The best oil

This is a fantastic oil. The best oil I have ever used. Highly recommend.

Love this natural oil, smells great. Really works!

Meiskin Stretch Mark and Scar Removal Oil
Nayri Jabbour (Sydney, AU)
Really happy!

Highly recommend this product for stretch marks !! I have been really happy with the results .

It actually works!

Definitely noticed improvement almost immediately. Have been using consistently twice a day for the past couple months and have continued to see improvement and lightening of stretch marks. Will continue to use this product as it’s doing exactly what it’s intended to do. You need to be consistent with twice daily use, and massage it in, and you will see it works. Hopefully with continued use it will get rid of stretch marks entirely, but for now i’m happy with the progress in such a short time. Thanks Meiskin!

Absolutely amazing!! Miracle oil

I'm so happy with my purchase! Thank you MeiSkin. This product has been truly life-changing for me. I have been able to see a significant improvement in the appearance of my stretch marks and scar tissue, leaving me feeling more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is struggling with similar issues. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful product!

The Best

Honestly the best oil I’ve used, the smell makes me feel like I’m in a day spa and my skin feels so hydrated

Meiskin Stretch Mark and Scar Removal Oil
Ellie Mulhall (Sydney, AU)

Has made my marks way less visible!

Amazing oil.

This oil is so hydrating and feels amazing on your skin, makes your skin glowy! I’m obsessed!

Working Wonders

I’ve noticed a difference in the first week and a half. Followed as the instructions say & am very happy with the results.

My first stretch marks

The product is amazing, it reduces the appearance of my acne scars and even the lines of my first stretch marks. I’m on my third bottle and I’m just addicted to this high quality product


Cant recommend this enough! Just don't make same mistake I did! I bought the small bottle because I wasn't sure how good it would be! Definitely get any deals available with more quantity as you will want to use lots and everyday!!!

Holy grail!

This stuff is amazing. I was so self conscious about my terrible stretch marks from pregnancy and this oil has faded them significantly already! I haven’t even finished the bottle. I am so grateful for this product, I truly thought I would need to explore cosmetic treatment to fade them. Thank you Meiskin!

Meiskin Stretch Mark and Scar Removal Oil
Jessica Schutz (Perth, AU)
Meiskin Stretch Mark and Scar Removal Oil

I have been using the stretch mark oil for about 3 weeks now and my 11 year old pregnancy stretch marks have faded so much, they are not red anymore and definitely don’t seem as noticeable. I was worried this was going to be a product that was going to take months to show results but I’m happy with how it’s going just after 3weeks.